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The table below represents a partial list of Throneberry Law Group’s results indicating the settlements we’ve received for our clients.  We represent asbestos victims from ALL States who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung or other cancer.  Many of these settlement amounts do not include payments from the bankruptcy trusts.

AgeLiving / DeceasedDiseaseTradeSettlement Amount
77LivingMesotheliomaPipefitter5.0 million
65LivingMesotheliomaPipefitter/Welder3.0 million
64DeceasedMesotheliomaSecondary Exposure2.5 million
68DeceasedMesotheliomaPlumber/Pipefitter/Welder2.3 million
69LivingMesotheliomaMachinist2.1 million
72DeceasedMesotheliomaPlumber/Laborer2.0 million
83DeceasedMesotheliomaMillwright/Machinist/Railroad2.0 million
76DeceasedMesotheliomaInsulator1.9 million
63DeceasedMesotheliomaBoilermaker1.9 million
78DeceasedMesotheliomaCarpenter1.8 million
68DeceasedMesotheliomaAuto/Laborer1.8 million
64LivingMesotheliomaElectrician1.8 million
46DeceasedMesotheliomaAuto/Laborer/Secondary Exposure1.7 million
83DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer/Machinist1.6 million
68DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer1.6 million
87DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer/Welder1.6 million
56LivingMesotheliomaLaborer/Auto/Secondary Exposure1.5 million
85DeceasedMesotheliomaNavy1.4 million
60DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer/Mechanic1.4 million
65LivingMesotheliomaPlumber1.3 million
75LivingMesotheliomaLaborer1.3 million
55DeceasedMesotheliomaWelder1.2 million
76DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer/Mechanic1.2 million
67DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer1.2 million
69DeceasedMesotheliomaNavy1.1 million
Numerous other cases settled for nearly $1 Million each.
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